March 8, 2014

Awesome Links!

Note from graphic designer:  Yes, I know that's an 'At' sign, which is more appropriate for a blog entry about emails, rather than one about links.  Links don't really use the 'At' sign, I get that. But seriously, what symbol would work?  A cobweb?  Maybe a computer?  A chain link?   You're judging me, aren't you?  Hey, if you don't like my image selection, then you can go screw.  I'm doing the best I can.  I don't deserve this. 

Shut Up!  Jesus.  Somebody seriously needs to talk to the guy who makes these images.  He totally wrecked the mood.  I don't think it's even worth doing a story now.  Just forget it, go surf porn or reddit or whatever.

No, wait.   Wait.

I'm back.  I can do this.   It just shook me up for a minute there.  S'cool.

So here are are some cool links.  They're at least worth clicking on so you can silently judge me and how shitty my tastes are that I was ensnared by such vapid clickbait.

Cool things I've read online lately: 

Deepest Hole!  BTW, the story of how far we've dug into the earth is absolutely fascinating.  The deepest hole, I've learned, was only seven miles deep.   Drive seven miles from Boston, and -- well, depending upon where you started, you might not technically have left the city yet.  Go that far down and you're at the bottom of the deepest hole.  

To get to the middle of the Earth, you'd have to go from Boston to San Francisco, and then drive another thousand miles after THAT.  ..And so far, we've gotten to Cambridge MA.  To wit, we haven't been ANYWHERE underneath the Earth.   (BTW, it got too mushy to continue drilling, and crazy hot, which is why they stopped.)

Check it out:

Warning:  If you're interested, please follow that link.  ...Do NOT Google the term "Deepest Hole," or else it will end in tears, all right?    (...For those of you who didn't get the joke, Deepest Hole is also a rather lurid type of porn.)

Online Scale Model of the Goddamn Solar System 
This site takes you on a truly intimate journey of the solar system.  Amazingly well done.  This needs to be nominated for an award or something.  It shows you just how vast space is, between the Sun and Mercury ...and then continues all the way out to Pluto!  AND IT'S ALL TO SCALE (with a lot of horizontal scrolling which is AMAZINGLY EFFECTIVE as an analogy for distance).  

And then it's overlaid with wonderful writing, starting out with inviting lines like "It sure is empty out here." as you scroll and then chimes in every now and then, as you "journey" outward by scrolling right.

Here is the link:

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