March 29, 2014

Props: The Onion

Anybody with whom I interact learns pretty quickly that I love the Onion.  I quote the Onion all the time, I honestly can't help it.  They've  been consistently hysterical for fifteen goddamn years.  I have NO idea how they do it without being formulaic, but it's always an absolute riot.

But what's more amazing is how close they are to the TRUTH.  Like, they predict events that actually happen.  Here's one mocking Gillette's release of ever-more blades:  Fuck Everything,  We're Doing Five Blades.

Many articles were written a few years later, when Gillete did go to five blades.  Check it out on BoingBoing (link).

Be Prepared For Brett To Cite The Onion
Anyway, I'm going to cite the Onion now and then, because it's absolutely awesome.  Here are two gems from their Point-Counterpoint, where they thoughtfully consider both sides of complex modern issues.   (Both are 10 years old -- their new stuff is, if anything, even better.)

Enjoy!  -Brett

Point Counterpoint:  Personal Computing

Point:  My Computer Totally Hates Me!

Counterpoint: God Do I Hate That Bitch

Point Counterpoint:  NASA Funding

Point:  According to the Economist, NASA is an Industrial Subsidy In Disguise
Counterpoint:  Ooh, Look At Me, I Read The Economist!

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