February 13, 2011

Vis-ume: Visual Resume

A while back, I used Visio to spice up my resume a bit.  I took all of the questions that people normally have to piece together for themselves when reading a resume, and presented them in a picture format:
  • A timeline of where I've worked, for how long, and my title(s).
  • A separate timeline of all degrees and certifications.
  • My technical/business skills by category.
  • All of the regular resume details are still there, but only for reference.
As a result, 90% of people's questions can be answered in the first minute.  When they have specific questions, they can reference the details.

Note: Nobody's going to hire someone based upon an unorthodox resume format.  ...But if it sets a resume apart from a stack of 50 similar candidates (and maybe gets that person called in for an interview), that's nothing to sneeze at.

What do you think?

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